No matter how big or little the idea or problem is, a land survey and site investigation will reduce the risks by providing facts on which to base the concept, design, and construction work. Surveys and investigations that are accurate and dependable are critical components of any successful project.

Because you will know the acreage and topography of your land or site, the limitations of your boundaries, the extent of existing services, the height and position of any adjacent buildings and structures, and specifics of sub-soil information, uncertainties and risks can be reduced right from the outset.

Whether it’s a modest building extension or large engineering work, a survey may assist in planning and ensuring that works are placed exactly where they should be.

Our Engineering Design Unit can advise you on how to get the finest professional assistance on a variety of topographic, engineering, and building surveying and design issues.

Why Choose Us?

We provide:

  • Measured Surveyors
  • Soil Investigations
  • Conditions of premises and schedule of dilapidation
  • Structural Surveys, including building failures and problems existing in buildings
  • Energy survey, costs and valuations.
  • Acoustical investigations.
  • Special constructional research and building systems and components
  • Furniture, fitting and exhibition work.
  • Interior Space design.