Work Ethic at CBL.

CBL use legally acquired materials, especially timber, in all specified construction work. CBL has necessary legal papers from the government office to prove legality.

The installation of the standard project nameplate in accordance with local government regulation must be adhered to. Copies of approved plans must be available on site at all times.

CBL shall at all times make the structure safe during the course of construction. This should include, but not be limited to, the security of the property from vandals and the protection of finishes from the weather and abusive damage. The work area should be kept clean and tidy, free from all rubbish.

A properly equipped emergency medical kit should be kept at the field for ready use at all times. CBL shall at all times keep a daily diary of all movements on site. This should include, daily works progress, daily weather, number of workers on site (contract type), delivery of materials, materials stored, incidents etc.

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