Mission Statement

Capital Base Ltd is committed to providing clients with innovative, quality and sustainable construction solutions for particular projects that result from a highly investigative process, a studied analysis of traditional and unconventional construction methods, and an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and resource efficient construction methods.

Each of our projects strives to enrich one’s experience of space, light, context, materials and craftsmanship.
It is our belief that exemplary construction process not only provides functional space, but acts as a lens through which we view, understand, and appreciate the natural and man-made world. Collectively, we have over 4 years of on-site construction experience to back efforts.
Our methods and practices are tested and reviewed on site where their performance can be evaluated. In this way, we can provide inventive and creative designs for environmentally and socially responsible residential, commercial and public projects.
At Capital base we deliver a unique and personalized (custom made) product. Although projects range in scale and complexity, each construction opportunity brings out the best of us..

Why we’re different

We understand and meet the needs of our clients by transforming their dreams into reality 

Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement

Capital Base Ltd recognizes that healthy and safe working conditions and practices are vital to achieving business excellence. The management therefore aims to conduct its business in a way that presents no risk of injury or ill health to its employees, suppliers, visitors or customers; and gives rise to no damage to its plant, equipment, materials or any other property as a result of accidents, fires or dangerous occurrences.

This is a process of continuous improvement and relies primarily on the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks, underpinned by awareness of the relevant legislative requirements. Additionally, Capital Base Ltd will set objectives and targets, and measure and monitor their achievement through regular inspections, audits and the thorough investigation of accidents and incidents.

The success of this policy requires the involvement and commitment of everybody in the Company, and strict compliance with the company’s Safety Management System. The company’s executive management team places a primary responsibility on line management to ensure the implementation and maintenance of health and safety controls and procedures. The company is committed to making available adequate resources to fulfill this policy, and ensuring that its staff are consulted and involved at every relevant stage. In return, the company asks that everybody in the company works in a way which presents no risk to themselves or others, and meets the company’s expectations.

Capital Base Ltd endeavours to employ competent personnel and ensure they are provided with sufficient information, instruction and training to carry out their work activities and responsibilities.

Every employee of the company has a legal obligation to co-operate in the day-to-day implementation of this policy and to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and the safety of other people who may be affected by their acts or omissions.e are the leading operator